To The Sleepless Mom

I read a great post today titled “The Sovereign Hand of Sleeplessness.” I hope you can read over it, even just a little at a time even, and let the truths soak in.

Here is my favorite exerpt:

“The reason we fear Sleeplessness so much is because we know we will come face to face with our limitations, our weakness, our vunerabilities.

“But fear not, our Father tells us, for I am with you… I will strengthen you, I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:10)

Kristin Tab, DesiringGod
to the sleepless mom | the wholehearted wife

Being awoken all night by little ones is hard.

But God is our strength.

Science says we do better when we sleep more.

But God is bigger than science.

So what is REALLY going on in our heart?
Are we worried about how we will feel the next  day? Don’t compound the problem! God knows. He is enough.

Are we mad at our husband for not helping at night? Friend, this can’t be. We are called to do this. It is our work, our role . We must embrace it and be Wholehearted in it.

How can we be wholehearted?
Determine that sleep won’t dictate your attitude. Just decide. 100%.

Get filled up. You are already tired, set that alarm 20 minutes earlier. Pray, read, drink a FULL cup of HOT coffee before little ones wake and are clamoring for cuddles.

This is our work. Let us do it with our whole heart.


7 thoughts on “To The Sleepless Mom

    1. Thank you Jess. I’m thankful for God’s timing in all of this. Can’t wait to write the post about how He used your painting to encourage me to go forward with creating the blog.


  1. Heather……OUCH. When I saw that photo with the words “20 minutes with my God sustains me more than 20 more minutes of sleep,” it was like a righteous slap in the face. But a MUCH NEEDED one! Thank you!!

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  2. Oh man! When my little one was small, I felt like I didn’t sleep for days, weeks, years. But having a “wholehearted” attitude made a huge difference. Complaining and grousing all day didn’t make me feel a bit better but getting up and getting to it with a smile did!


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