On Preschool @ Home

My hope is that this blog will be an encouragement in “whatever you do, do it with all your heart” (col 3:23) One of the things I “do” is preschool at home with our girls. I would love to offer encouragement to anyone thinking about home schooling, or doing home school, or just curious about home school: this is a great option for your kid’s education.

You can do this.


Our focus is pretty simple: learn about the bible, learn letter sounds, and learn all the other little stuff as it comes. We count a lot, we read a lot, we cook and clean together. We have a few books that have become our “curriculum” this year.

First is is The New Bible In Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth Taylor. We love this children’s bible and it has great, simple questions with each page. We have found a great routine of reading just 1-2 pages every morning while we eat breakfast. It is great for a 3-4 year old level.

Next is Big Thoughts For Little People, also by Kenneth Taylor. It is an ABC book, with great character lessons for each letter. We are working on memorizing a verse for each letter, which we write in the little spiral notebook also shown. Sometimes it is a letter of the week, sometimes its more like two weeks. I also love this collection of bible verse songs by Steve Green, I try to integrate them in for which ever letters I can!

Finally, Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading is an “open and teach” type book, that has simple, letter sound lessons, which we do one per week.

There are lots of library books. Lots of counting, cooking, play-doh and drawing.

We have a home school group that meets once a week for field trips and play days, so I count those experiences as one “day” of school each week too.


You aren’t a real home school family unless your dining room looks like a kindergarten classroom, right? NO! LOl. NOT REQUIRED! This works for us, we have the space, and my sweet husband doesn’t seem to mind that I have taken over the entire wall. BUT if you don’t have the space, don’t fret! You could do something smaller, you could even use a tri-fold board that could be tucked away easily when not in use. We found this cute calendar set at the Dollar Tree store, along with the letter cards. Some other little things, like weather, shapes and phases of the moon, I found on our good friend Pinterest.

So, what do you think? Could you see your self doing some simple things like this at home? I have heard from mom’s who are worried they aren’t  “qualified” to teach, because they don’t have a teaching credential, or teaching experience. Friend, the one-on-one attention you can offer your kids is just unmatched by a regular classroom, and you really are your kid’s best teacher.

Is this encouraging to you? Are you a home school mom that could use support and encouragement? I would love to reach out to you, and help in any way I can, even if it is as simple as praying for you or continuing to share what is working for us.

Okay, let’s go teach our kids well 🙂


8 thoughts on “On Preschool @ Home

  1. Love this! I have always thought about homeschooling Hunter and just today I told Kris I really want to do it! Glad I just read this post 🙂


    1. oh yay! I hope you do!!! I would love to encourage you in any way I can — but it really is so simple when they are young… and then we grow with them, so I think it won’t be so scary when they are older, either! thanks for reading, I am glad it helped you!


    1. its wonderful! i have the version that was printed in the late 70s, early 80s, but there is a newer edition that is available pretty much anywhere too. I am pretty sure it just has updated illustrations, but I am kind of partial to the old ones! 🙂 thanks for reading! your blog was an inspiration for mine – I loved how simple and clean yours is, and I remembered that when you “went live” with it, you already had a few posts written. I tried to do the same, to give readers (and myself!) an idea of what I hope it will be. anyhoo, it means a lot to me that you stopped by, so thank you! 🙂


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