6 YEARS | why I love our marriage

For six years I have followed Jameson. These are the hands down, best six years of my life.

Following Jameson makes life better.  He is wise, he understands and sees things I used to miss. He makes good decisions and I trust him. I am more peaceful knowing he is guiding us. He is so involved with our girls, he chooses to spend time with us over everything else. He is a provider, he manages our finances  so well – I was a mess before I met him.

We can’t wait until we have been married long enough that people will stop feeling the need to say things like, “you might be happy now, but just wait, things change.” It’s so sad, but not too difficult to brush off. Jameson even had a good response to it this week, he said “Really? Tell me what your marriage like at 6 years?”

Turns out not so good in their case 😦

But that’s about all the energy I want to spend on the naysayers for now 🙂

Because my husband inspires me, he coaches me, understands me, cares for me. I am secure, I am beyond joyful, I am whole. I love him, and I have never for one second doubted our commitment to marriage. He makes my whole life better. And following God’s design for marriage is really working great. He knew what He was doing when He set the whole thing in place.


So, 6 down, 60 or so to go 🙂


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