LIVING WITH LESS | Bathroom Edition

I have found a lot of peace in our home, pursuing a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist can mean different things to different people, but for me it means whittling down to what is really needed, really important and doing away with the extras and excess. I hope to share more about the idea of Living With Less, but to start, I want to give you a glimpse of our bathrooms – a place that is frequently used and a great place to begin if you want to start freeing yourself up from things unneeded.

We are a family of four, and we have two small(ish) bathrooms. No double sinks, no expansive counters, no drawers even. But it is PLENTY of space.image

Even though it may seem small, it really isn’t because we simply don’t need to store much stuff!

For instance, here is everything that I need to keep in our bath/shower.

  • one bottle of shampoo
  • one bottle of conditioner
  • baby shampoo
  • cleaning brush (holds a solution of vinegar and Dawn soap, to scrub the shower down with)
  • razor
  • Dove soap

That’s it. No shave get, no body wash, no special face soaps or loofahs or anything like that. I have made do with these few products for years. It saves money, keeps the shower from being a cluttered mess and is easier to clean around. There is even plenty of space for when guests come and need space for items they might bring with them.



In the cabinets you will find only items that are used on a daily basis. No duplicates, nothing out of use.

  • lotion, floss, chapstick, coconut oil (used as eye makeup remover)
  • two hair products, tooth brushes and toothpaste
  • small dish for bobby pins and one for hairties

Things we need less frequently (bandaids, sunscreen, kids medicines, extra bars of soap) go in the second cabinet. There is one open shelf that holds a few washcloths, q-tips and cotton balls, all of which blend in nicely and are not eyesores. There is room left for someone to set down their glasses, phone or watch if needed.


many things are good, many things are important, but only a few are essentialLiving with Less: bathroom edition | The WholeHearted Wife

Under the bathroom sink I keep:

  • hairbrush, blow dryer, straightener and curling iron
  • small make up bag (maybe 5 or 6 items total)
  • stain remover (clothes get pre-washed here)
  • cleaning wipes
  • glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner
  • trash bags, paper towels
  • toilet paper

I keep the cleaning products here because they are USED here. I have a second set in the other bathroom. While that may strike someone as excess (to have two sets), it means that I can quickly clean each bathroom without carrying products from room to room. It saves me time, yet nothing is crammed into the space so it still looks tidy, so it works for me!

The second bathroom, (used mainly by my husband) has pretty much the same feel. It is not large either, but it is plenty of space when we are mindful of what we keep in it.Living with Less: bathroom edition | The WholeHearted Wife

shower caddy, command hooks, scrub brush with vinegar and dawn soap solution

Living with Less: The Bathroom Edition | The WholeHearted Wife

Living with Less: The Bathroom Edition | The WholeHearted Wife

Cleaning supplies, hair clippers and bags with the toiletries we use for travel, which are easy to grab and add to if don't need more space, you need less stuff

I think the thing that happens in a bathroom (or anywhere in the house) is we don’t use what we have and buy a new bottle of shampoo before the first one is empty, then accumulate half used items. So maybe try this, if you find you are collecting more than what you actually use

  • wait until you throw away a bottle of lotion to buy a new bottle. you will not die if you go one or two days without lotion and chances are the bottle you have is going to last longer than you think.
  • throw away anything that is old or expired
  • identify duplicates. evaluate if you really need 3 types of hairbrushes, or fancy face wash, when soap might work. give it a try.
  • keep counters completely cleared off. it will make your space feel and function so much better.

use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without

I hope to write more about how we try to live simply, but in the meantime (or in case I never write more) visit my Pinterest board, Living With Less. And would love to hear from you, is this something you are interested in? Something you would like to hear more about? Let me know 🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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