2015 Printable Calendar / Lesson Recorder

imageI love keeping records. It keeps me accountable, it shows me patterns of when I do or do not accomplish, and come time to do it again with my next kiddo, I will remember what we did the first time! I have calendars for other areas of my life too, for example, a workout/running log, and I have kept a calendar like this for home schooling for about a year now. My oldest is only 4 so we used this for her first year of preschool and now going into K4.


I have general goals for our K4 year: bible every day, and then at least one (most days its been two) other subjects from: all about reading, right start math and dedicated time for CC memory work. So this just tracks what we actually DO. Check boxes are for things we want to do every day (kids bible, memory work) and then a line for reading, math, and anything else! I don’t have really have specific goals for number of lessons yet, I just want to make sure we do a little something each day, and see how far we get! If you think this would be helpful to you, you can download a free, printable copy off my newly posted Google Docs folder. Let me know if you find it useful!! And check back for the next couple month’s too!

2015 Printable Calendar | The WholeHearted Wife

And you can read more about what we have been doing to get ready for our next school year, Summer Prep | Getting Ready for our first year of Classical Conversations or check out How We Learned | Cycle 1 Week 1


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