Wholehearted Running | My Story

Wholehearted Running | My story

A while back I posted a bit of the story of why I started running. I loved sharing about what running means to my marriage, but then I haven’t written about running since!

“Wait, is this a running blog? No, it’s a marriage blog! What about homeschool stuff? Am I getting too broad here?? Blogs need a specific focus, right?”

Then I remembered the verse I hope will guide the whole blog:

Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23 (HCSB)

Well, since running part of what I do enthusiastically… here ya go!

My Running Background:

I began running about 3 years ago, at age 29ish. Before that I may have jogged on the treadmill at the gym, or would run occasionally with my then fiance (now husband), but nothing consistent really. I didn’t even play sports in high school.

I was brand spanking new to athletics.

About a year after having my first baby was when I decided to give consistent running a try.

first race // Aug 2012
I did the America’s Finest City Half Marathon in San Diego (my hometown) I ran 2:07 (9:45 pace) and just could not believe I had done it!!  I ran a little more after that, then got pregnant with baby number 2 and running was difficult for me.

first marathon // June 2014
Daughter number 2 was about 11 months old and I did the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon! It was extremely warm, but I ran 3:49:10 (8:45 pace) and was very satisfied.

Running as of late:
CIM Marathon // December 2014
3:33:19, (8:06 pace), PR, Boston Qualifier.
Training for this race was a huge accomplishment for me. The milage (with two toddlers) was intense, I hit 60 miles in a week (my highest ever) a few weeks before the race. I loved everything about this race. My husband hit his Olympic Trials Qualifier that day too. It was awesome.

SacTown 10 // April 2015
1:14 (7:02 pace) for the 10 miles.
Big PR and great weekend away with hubby.

Bay2Breakers – Aggies Centipede // May 2015
50:20 (6:45 pace) for the 7.5 miles
Trained as hard as I possibly could to be able to be dragged along by some incredibly fast women. Had a HUGE race, such a big deal to do this with the team. I followed up with a 10k on my own the next weekend, and ran 43:02.

Mammoth Half Marathon // June 2015
1:50 (8:30 pace) for the 13.1 miles @ 7000 ft elevation
This wasn’t really a “race”, more just a super fun, super beautiful long run. I decided last second to do it, we celebrated our anniversary, hubby got 2nd place, and I enjoyed being able to run for fun, no pressure, and still have a (somewhat) decent time!

Running went from something that felt difficult every time I did it, to something I genuinely enjoy. My favorite is how we often get little “runcations” when a race gives my husband travel and hotel stays for free. Free weekends away? Yes please!

I am not sure what I want my next big race to be. Maybe train for a half in the fall? I don’t know! But I am hoping to get excited about something soon, so that I can get back to a higher level of training.

So, that’s my running of late! If you like to connect with runners, find me running on Strava. Or visit my collection of Running Motivations on Pinterest 🙂


3 thoughts on “Wholehearted Running | My Story

    1. Thank you Sue! I am sometimes not sure what or how much to share about running. I appreciate the encouragement!

      Totally unrelated to running, I have recently started to learn more about grammar! I will need to teach it to Elizabeth eventually, but I never really learned properly myself! So I getting a head start. Man oh man, can I tell you that the last few blog posts I have written, after reading just ONE book about grammar, I am SO AWARE of how little I know about it! I am just cringing, thinking, “this comma placement is probably totally off” or “I am not getting these words in the right order!” But, I know I can learn, and am excited to give Elizabeth a more solid grammar foundation than I had!

      Thought you might appreciate it 🙂


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