FINISHING | and starting again

letter of the week, frames w/ glass as whiteboards for memory work | the wholehearted wife

It may have taken us 42 weeks to get through 26 letters, but gosh darn it, we finished what we started! A through Z, E learned her letter sounds this year. Okay, she kind of already knew all her letter sounds by about week “C”, which is partly why the “weeks” got so spaced out. Once I knew she already knew most of the letters and sounds,  it was more just something to do for fun, and sometimes the same letter would stay up for 2 or more weeks. But that’s okay! We learned things! The only letters that are still a tad tricky for her are “g” and “j” but I think that is totally understandable, since really she just forgets that “g” has two sounds. Not super worried about that one yet! I wrote a little overview of  what we did for each letter, if you want to check that out!

I actually kind of thought we just wouldn’t finish the alphabet, since we already moved onto some some other things like a few letter blends, and then started All About Reading. But a few weeks ago E asked “when are we going to finish the alphabet?” I think “V” had been up for, oh, 3 weeks maybe? I realized it really matters to her to see things through to completion and that’s AWESOME! It was a great lesson for me. So, we went through X,Y and today, Z. And we did it! We completed what we began. And I hope we continue to do so.

Oh, and I started putting up some of our memory work for classical conversations! We don’t officially start until late August, but I am going to be tutoring, so I wanted to get a little jump start on some of our procedures and routines.
letter of the week, frames w/ glass as whiteboards for memory work | the wholehearted wife

I’m loving my frames turned white boards. They are just regular frames with a piece of white paper behind the glass. White board markers work great on them! I hope to add a few more to accommodate more memory work each week.

Do you finish what you start or tend to leave things dangling?

Any CC friends out there?

Who is already starting to plan for next year?


I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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