Printable Proficiency Check Off List // All About Reading

I made this printable proficiency check off list to go with our All About Reading Pre-Reading lessons. I wanted to be able to quickly check off which lessons we have attempted, which ones my daughter is proficient at, and notes on the skill presented.
printable proficiency check off list | the wholehearted wife

Why not just go straight through the book and not move on until each skill is mastered? Well, that for sure is a HUGE benefit of home schooling – no pressure to move on before your child is ready. But I am guessing that each textbook isn’t always going to to be able line up perfectly for each individual student, – lesson 24 might be challenging, but lesson 25 is easy. But then we will come back to that same lesson another day and her little brain gets it! So I like having the freedom to move around, practicing the skills that are at her level and coming back to ones that she has trouble with. You definitely don’t have to do it this way, and I wouldn’t recommend it for concepts that build on each other, but for this text, with this child, it seems to work!

This printable could be used for any subject or program. Of course, if it is simple enough to just go through the lessons as they are presented, making sure your student understands the skill before moving on, then by no means should you create more work for yourself! But, if it seems helpful, please use as you would like!

A little side note: I taught in a public high school for five years before making my “career change” to stay at home mom/home educator. I SO WISH I had been able to make one of these sheets for each of my {180!} students, to help them keep track of which concepts they knew. I knew checking for understanding was important, but it was challenging with so many kids at one time. Just one more awesome benefit to individualized home education! If I do ever go back to the classroom, I might try printing these out for my kids 🙂

Proficiency Check Off List |The WholeHeartedWife

Visit my (tiny, but hopefully growing) collection of printables (for a variety of subjects), or check out my Tried and Enjoyed board on Pinterest for other ideas.


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