CHOP & FREEZE | Save Time and Money

Sticking to a food budget is important! One fantastic way to not waste money is to not waste food. Places like Costco have great prices, but what if you can’t go through the produce fast enough? Having a meal plan written out before shopping helps, so you know you will buy only what you actually have a plan for cooking. Still, if you have some veggies that either are about to go bad, and you don’t have a plan for how to use them, DON’T TOSS THEM OUT! They will probably be totally fine cooked in a chili, marinara sauce, mixed into taco meat, or any number of recipes.

Today I had a few  bell peppers that were a tad past their prime – wouldn’t be great for snacking on anymore, but I also didn’t have a particular meal coming up that I needed them for. So…



image dice them, lay them in a flat layer, and freeze them! Pull them out for any recipe that requires bell peppers. Less waste and one less thing to dice when it comes time to make dinner!


I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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