grace filled goals // tracking progress not perfection

About 8 months ago, I started using a monthly goal chart to help manage my time, goals, home, chores, school, workouts, life! Prior to starting this, I faced the fact that my house was pretty chaotic and something needed to change! The first step was having a conversation with my husband about his expectations for the house and then figuring out what I could do to make it happen. Eight months later, is my house perfectly clean all the time? No, but it really is a lot better!

Here is my goal chart, right on my fridge so I can see it. I have goals in a few areas: Faith (personal devo time, bible with the girls), Fitness (run everyday, strength train every day), and Home (one school subject each day, kitchen 100% clean, one load of laundry a day and PUT AWAY, and one other weekly chore.)

grace filled goals // tracking progress not perfection


Do I meet every goal, every day? Not always. There is grace. But when I DO meet these few simple goals, my home runs so.much.better.

“But I just can’t get it all done!” 

here is what used to go on in my heart…

I would put my priorities ahead of my husband’s. That may have been as obvious as checking Facebook instead of vacuuming or as subtle as spending all afternoon organizing the closet, but then dinner wasn’t ready on time. Whether they are “good” priorities or “bad” priorities getting in the way, the bottom line is, they were coming before his priories for the house.

how can we be wholehearted in this?

listen when your husband talks about his desires for the house, kids, chores, etc. Listen, write them down so you don’t forget. Don’t freak out or panic. Remember, it is God giving us the strength to do this, not ourselves!

make a list, check it off. it works for our kids chores, right? why not ourselves? Identify the things that are NOT getting done, and put those on the list. if you want to add things that you know you will get done easily, to feel accomplished, go for it (I totally do this.)

Here is a one you can click and save/print!
grace filled goals // tracking progress not perfection

Another cool thing is to track your progress. In June, I identified that the way I was speaking to my four year old was way too harsh. That month I put “use kind words” on my chart, and if I yelled or lashed out (with words) I didn’t get a check mark.

That first month, it was almost once a week that I messed up. The next month, July, I went the entire month and only messed up once! This month has been the same! Praise God! I really did change! I love having it written down to look and see how God has brought me though things.

Also note that these are not “perfect” goal charts. Far from it. There are gaping holes. But that is okay because I am identifying patterns, adjusting, reevaluating, pursing, and progressing. I KNOW I am doing better than if I didn’t keep track at all 🙂

Edited: I started using these with my 4 year old daughter too! She LOVES it!


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