Homeschool | Our First Month of K4

Our first month of “K4” is in the books! That’s “kindergarten when you are 4,” by the way, and I may or may not have made the term up. 🙂 We got into the swing of things when we returned from vacation at the beginning of the month. Starting next week we will have Classical Conversations on Tuesday mornings and our amazing field trip/park date group on Thursday mornings. But more about those once we start, this month was all about finding and establishing a good routine of at home learning, and we did!

First up, morning board time. We do this during breakfast, which might not work for everyone, (the girls are eating while we do it and I am drinking coffee) but for us it works! We probably do about 20-25 minutes TOTAL each morning.


  • We read from our children’s bible that has questions for each page (current bible selection here),
  • Put the date on the calendar (dollar store treasure)
  • Color of the day, which is part of a free printable calendar set, from RoyalBaloo. (This is for Rebekah, age 2. I am going to pull out shape of the day for next month!)
  • Sight word of the day (for Elizabeth, age 4, Target Dollar Store find)
  • Character Trait of the day
  • and (usually) one memory work topic (they are displayed on the frame/whiteboards).

I think the one thing I have enjoyed the most this month are the character traits of the day. The set I am using (pictured “faithful” here, below) was just a freebie on Pinterest. Feel free to take a look, here. I am amazed at how this simple act of going over one character trait, talking about what it means, giving examples, has resulted in some big time changes in Elizabeth’s character! Who woulda thunk? I see that she has words to put with actions, like “compassionate”, “courageous”, “teachable” and she is seeking out ways to display them! WOW!! Win for sure. image

And then that is it for the morning, it is off to chores, errands, play dates, etc. In the afternoon we come home, Rebekah goes down for a nap and Elizabeth and I try to cover one or two topics, from:

Again, we are not doing all of these every day, we rotate through, one or two a day. We usually spend another 20-25 minutes total here in the afternoon.



Toward the end of the month, I added “extended reading” to this too, which is where she and I can sit and read for a longer time than if little sister were around, usually from a chapter book. We also read at bedtime, during the day, look at books in the car, so lot’s of reading happens, but this might be more focused or from a book that little one might not be into yet. This month was an abridged version of Little Women (wouldn’t recommend that one, she found it and I thought “oh yay, she is into a chapter book!) she loved it, but I had to skip over way to many parts. Now we are onto Betsy-Tacy. Swoon.

So that’s it! My mom visited at the end of the month, so we did a few more “fun” things, like children’s museum (art time!), story time at the library, and a few trips to the skate park. It was a great month! imageimage

If you enjoyed this post, let me know or let me know how the start (middle, end) of your year is going! I have a Pinterest board called “Homeschool, Tried and Enjoyed” or for more specifics of what we did this month with CC material, check out “How We Learned| Cycle 1 Week 1” Hope you are well and if you have any questions, ask away! I am not an expert, totally new at this, but I have a heart to encourage if I can. ❤ Heather


7 thoughts on “Homeschool | Our First Month of K4

  1. Having home-schooled Brylan from 3rd through 8th grade, I really admire what you’re doing. Just fyi, I tested your links, and for me at least, the Children’s Bible and “here” in that line, as well as the Handwriting and Betsy-Tacy links go to “Webpage not available”. The Color and Shape of the Day links both go to the Calendar.

    I’m impressed you’re teaching Greek and Roman mythology in K4. Mythology was always one of my favorite subjects.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oo, thanks so much Sue, I think I fixed them all! And yes, the history, mythology stuff is all so great! There are these cute little songs that go with it and she just sings along. We don’t go do deep into them yet, the idea (classical model) is that they learn the names, places, grammar, and have the pegs on knowledge to hang information on as they learn and grow. But she is into it! We did the 7 wonders of the ancient world and her favorite was Pharos Lighthouse. It’s so funny, she remembers pyramids and the lighthouse 🙂 Anyoo, I am rambling. It’s just all so much fun!


  2. Wow! Your lesson plans are top notch. And I love the character traits of the day. Teaching at a faith-based high school, I truly believe that a education that places an emphasis on character really shapes students to become people of integrity. You are an awesome teacher and mama!


  3. Let me know if you need any supplemental worksheets or help with anything. I’m in my third year of teaching kinder and I have tons of stuff.


    1. Thanks Jennifer! I will keep that in mind. I think you may have given me some insight last year when I was wondering “what should my child know before kindergarten”. I don’t remember who exactly shared what, but I kept a lot of it in mind! So thank you for that 🙂 I know she’s still really young, so we are keeping everything pretty simple and succinct right now. But it’s so fun!


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