How We Learned | Cycle 1 Week 1

A few of the things we did this week, with my 4 year old and 2 year old for cycle 1, week 1 of Classical Conversations.

  • Began each day with bible. We are currently making our way through A Child’s First Bible by Kenneth Taylor. We read and go over the questions for a few pages each day.
  • Worked on memory work a little each day. Some days it was one subject, some days 2 or 3. I love having the info up on the wall – it is so accessible so we refer to it often.

How We Learned | Cycle 1 Week 1 | the Wholehearted Wife

  • Geography – Drew out our Fertile Crescent map and made a little chant with hand motions. Picture our arms held up in a “V” to show Euphrates and Tigris River 🙂
  • History – Drew pictures of the first 5 commandments, and sang and sang and sang the song from the Audio CDs. Elizabeth LOVES this one!
  • Science – Found a praying mantis outside. Played with him (her?) a bit and learned her scientific classification. Also made hand motions for “kingdom, phylum, etc” starting with arms wide and getting closer and closer together 🙂

praying mantis classification

  • Fine Arts – Owl Drawing. Talked about circles, dots, curved line, straight lines and angled lines.


If any of this was helpful, we would love to know! How did your Week 1 go?
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