How We Learned | Cycle 1 Week 2

A little overview of what we did this week!

Bible – We finished our previous bible and started our new one! It is the Big Picture Interactive Storybook Bible. We love the pictures and it has a question for each story.

Morning Board Time – continued with shape, color and (added this week) letter of the day, for Rebekah, age 2. For Elizabeth, age 4 – sight word and character trait of the day. And filled in the calendar!

Geography – made hand motions to represent the bodies of water in the Assyrian Empire (picture holding up two fingers in a “V” for the Red Sea), practiced locating and labeling on a blackline map. It was such a thrill today when Elizabeth made the connection between the Red Sea on the map and the Red Sea that Moses and the Israelites crossed. She made a similar connections with the Jordan River, “wait. is that where people are baptized?” I cannot tell you enough how much I am LOVING this not stressing about “how to tie it all together” and watching her little mind make connections itself. Such freedom in just presenting the material, being faithful in our study of the Word, and watching things come together in their own time! Love!

Fine Arts – practiced completing symmetrical images using this mirror image handout from Samantha’s Bell.

History and Timeline – songs and hand motions! Elizabeth has memorized all 10 commandments now, I am SO stinking proud of her!

Math – skip counting songs, and Right Start Math work (lots of shape building this week!)

English – started learning prepositions (about, above, across, after, against) by printing out a picture of a cow and a moon, laminated and put it on a popsicle stick and said “show me the cow ABOVE the moon. Now, running AFTER the moon.” ect.) 

And don’t want to forget (probably most important!) enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach with our amazing homeschool community group.


You can find other families linking up  ideas for week 2 over at Half A Hundred Acre Wood. 🙂

Classical Conversations Weekly Link-Up


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