How We Learned | Cycle 1 Week 4


Prepositions: found a great video called Prepositions in Paradise, that puts hand motions to each word.

Fine Arts: found a tutorial on abstract art from Art and The Everyday, brought in books with some examples of abstract art. Let kiddos play with markers, encouraging them to use basic shapes to create a masterpiece 🙂 image

Latin: printed these 1st declension picture cue cards from and they helped a TON!

Review Games: magnetic fishing (paper clips on memory flash cards), “show me” map review, preposition motions for past weeks!


2 thoughts on “How We Learned | Cycle 1 Week 4

  1. Prepositions? Latin declensions? I am impressed! Elizabeth is going to be literate beyond her years. That you’re pursuing art appreciation in addition to creating art makes my heart happy. Well done, Heather!

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  2. Thanks sue! I’m trusting that this classical model of giving them “memory pegs” now, in this grammar stage, pays off later, when she is able to “hang” more and more understanding and connection on the pegs drilled in at a young age. I have to admit, the connections she makes on her own already are pretty amazing. She hears a word that she learned and perks up and says “I heard that before!” And man, am I learning so much!! I very much lack in arts and literature/grammar background. Making up for it now for sure! Learn learn learn! Woohoo!


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