Portland Marathon 2015


My husband won the Portland Marathon! It was actually his third time accomplishing this feat, but  my first time getting to be there to see it. In fact, get this – this was our first time EVER flying together! What?

Really sweet interview/news article in the Oregonian!

It was a great (albeit quick) trip; we really enjoyed Portland. On Saturday we did a little shakeout together – we ran out 3 miles together, he turned around to keep it an easy 6, and I kept going to do a little over 12. Trails for DAYZ! I don’t get to do trail runs very often, this was a special treat.


Race morning was fun, we warmed up about a mile and a half together, then I had to hang back while he entered the start area.


Once the gun went off, I jogged around the course to see him at mile 1.5, 5.5, 11 and then headed back to the finish area.




They didn’t want to let me into the finish area at first, but I happened to find the race finish area director and pleaded my case. He let me in! I really wanted to be able to get pictures of the finish.



He won the race (3 peat!!) in 2:28:29 (5:45 pace). Lol, not a great time for him, but hot dang, HE WON A MARATHON!

So thankful I got to come on this trip, enjoy quality rest time, get in a great run and enjoy some serious #proudwifey moments.

❤ Heather


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