Big Sur Half Marathon

I was really excited about the Big Sur Half Marathon. It was my goal race of the season, a new and beautiful course, some super fast exciting people would be there (Kara Goucher!) And it’s known to be a fast course so I envisioned a PR day. The only bummer going into it was that my husband had to scratch (not race). This was supposed to be his big race of the season (and he has the Olympic Trials coming up in February) so needless to say, he was bummed. He is fighting an injury and finally decided on Wednesday it just wasn’t going to happen. So that put a bit of a damper on the weekend, but we (husband, myself and our two girls) still decided to all go 🙂


Despite the anticipation of a PR type day, it ended up being a really hard race for me. Even though my mileage leading up to this race (click link for running log) was on the lower side (I was averaging around 35 miles a week) I definitely trained for this race. And based on a few races recently, I thought I could run between a 1:37-1:39. bigsur2015_4

Buuuuut, that didn’t happen. I was working hard for 7:45-7:55 minute miles when I planned on running 7:25-7:30 pace. It just wasn’t my best day.



Pretty much every picture from the course shows that I wasn’t having the greatest day. :/ But I was running hard. So at least that’s good!


Still, the course was beautiful, and it was super fun to see the elite runners speed by when the course doubled back. That was a highlight for sure.

Kara Goucher (#3) and Kristen Zaitz (#26)

I was so proud of my teammates Jenny Kadavy and Scott Bauhs who both had amazing races.


Jenny just had a baby FOUR MONTHS ago, and today ran a 1:18 half marathon, and was 7th female overall. Amazing! And Scott got his OTQ, running 1:03:56 and was the first American! So we now have at least 4 Asics Aggies teammates (Jenny, Scott, my husband Jameson and our friend Phil Reid) running in the marathon trials in February! And we may still add a few to the list!


And my mom-in-love ran too! She is awesome. So proud of her! How many grandmas can say they ran a half marathon this weekend?? 🙂


I would be silly to not be thankful for this race. I ran my first half marathon in 2012 and I ran 2:07 (9:45 pace) Three years later on a “bad” day, I ran 7:45 pace – 2 full minutes per mile faster! What what?

Elizabeth (my 4 year old!) took this picture after the race! That’s the first time she’s ever snapped such a quality pic!

So all in all, I’m happy. Happy I can get out there and run a 1:42, that’s pretty cool. Happy running, friends!bigsur2015_STRAVA



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