6 YEARS | why I love our marriage

For six years I have followed Jameson. These are the hands down, best six years of my life.

Following Jameson makes life better.  He is wise, he understands and sees things I used to miss. He makes good decisions and I trust him. I am more peaceful knowing he is guiding us. He is so involved with our girls, he chooses to spend time with us over everything else. He is a provider, he manages our finances  so well – I was a mess before I met him.

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I’M SORRY | a real apology

4 Components of A True Apology | The Wholehearted Wife

A less than ideal interaction this week made me consider the importance of a true apology. I realized that even though it is something we work with our toddler on, not every adult really understands the difference between “I am sorry you feel that way” and “I am truly sorry.” I began to think about how thankful I am that between my husband and I, there have been very few I’m-sorry-you-feel-that-way” type “excuse responses” and we usually have pretty sincere apologies.

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The Myth of the 50/50 Marriage

There is a myth that marriages work when they are 50/50. You do your part, I will do mine. You hold up your end, I will hold up mine.

What about giving everything we have, without expecting ANYTHING in return?

To the newly married, I suppose it seems like harmless enough advice: let’s split up the chores! Let’s take shifts tonight with the baby! The problem is, not only does this not work practically (what happens when one person drops the ball? License to drop ours too?) it doesn’t line up with Christ’s example. When did Jesus ever encourage us to “meet half way” or “protect ourselves from doing too much.”? He didn’t. And he certainly wasn’t going 50/50 when He went to the cross – which we are told, if we want to follow Him, we must do too.  Continue reading