How We Learned | my developing educational philosophy

I call this post my “developing educational philosophy” because, guess what? I am still learning! This one idea though, of letting connections to material come naturally and organically has been on my mind for a bit, so I wanted to share my developing thoughts. Feel free to check back in at a later date to see if it is still working!how we learned | cycle 1 week 5

This week we learned the “major groups of invertebrates”. For my 4 year old, that basically meant learning “some animals don’t have bones! And here are a few examples!” I didn’t check out books about invertebrates from the library, I didn’t even make an art project about worms or snails or octopi (though that would be simple and fun!). We just learned that such animals exist and sang a silly song to help remember their names. We drew, and we read books, but they didn’t necessarily line up with what we were learning this week.  Continue reading


Portland Marathon 2015


My husband won the Portland Marathon! It was actually his third time accomplishing this feat, but  my first time getting to be there to see it. In fact, get this – this was our first time EVER flying together! What?

Really sweet interview/news article in the Oregonian!

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Mother Daughter Goal Charts

Mother Daughter Goal Charts |The Wholehearted Wife

September was our first month making a monthly goal tracker for our 4 year old. She loved it. The end of the month got a little less enthusiastic, but that is the great thing about setting monthly goals – a new month! She is already super excited about her October goals, she helped pick them out. 🙂

Mother Daughter Goal Charts |The Wholehearted Wife

And she knows momma had her goals too! Except she doesn’t like that I use “X’s” because to her, an X is a bad thing. Too cute 🙂 Momma likes her Xs, and loves when she checks them off!  Continue reading